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{January 22, 2007}   About me, myself and I

“To be or not to be, this is the question?” Or is it, I ask? So, who is Aliana? I am an American Muslim woman, a philosophy graduate student. I am Pakistani by descent but was raised on and off in America and Pakistan. Many people think that should make me “confused” but to me this has put me at an advantage, it allows me look at the world from different perspectives.

My research lies at the intersection of Continental and Analytic Traditions in Western Philosophy. I see philosophy as a means, as a tool, as a discourse to emancipate humankind. I also dabble in Feminist Epistemologies occasionally, however I would not characterize myself as a deconstructionist. There is however much to be learned from Structuralism and Post-Structuralism. To desi men, and especially desi Muslim men, I just want to say, “Grow up!”


Suroor says:

I love your name!

Oh my lord Aliana, that’s a MOUTHFUL!

Try telling that to a desi guy, I’d like to see the expression on his face!

Love it,

Aliana says:

Thanks Salicious Samosa. Interesting name BTW. Next time I introduce myself to a desi guy (if he is not already trying to hit on me) I will take a picture with my camera.

Nice Blog and nice name also, by the way my daughter’s name is Alina, quite similar , but dunno if it has same meaning, wht do u mean by desi men,( asian muslims or pakis). How old r u?

Aliana says:

Fatima, it took me a long time to reply. Sorry for the late response. By desi men I mean Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi. As for my age, I am old enough to go to graduate school.

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