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{January 26, 2007}   Skinny Models? Send them to London!

What’s up with the Brits? It seems that they are at it again. (Just kidding, I don’t have any problems with the British. They are cool. Its those #$@! fashion designers in London.) The organizers of the London Fashion week have stated that they won’t ban ultra-thin models from their shows. Why don’t they just save themselves millions of dollars and just hire stick figures.


They have hired stick figures. The skinny models.

Aliana says:

Hmmm .. but the problem is that they are paying lots of money to the stick figures.

arafat says:

I think the very fact that this (ultra-thin vs. “healthy” models) has become an issue (albeit still a minor one) is a bit of a good news. Although of course it is sad that it took a few over-skinny models to die of severe anorexia for the fashion industry to notice this problem. If only mass culture were to realize that what we see as beautiful is so heavily constructued. It’s high time there are wider and more serious efforts to deconstruct fashion discourse — not just for the sake of all women (who are, needless to say, the worst victims), but for the sake of all humanity.

Haleem says:

You should check out the ad on youtube by dove.. about artificial beauty.

Aliana says:

Arafat, you are right at least people are talking about it so it is good news in that sense. In some parts of Africa the ideal of beauty is that of a somewhat blump (by Western standards) woman. This is so because blumpness signifies wealth. Just wanted to give an example of the point that you made about constructed nature of female beauty.

Haleem: I will check that out. Thanks.

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