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{January 27, 2007}   Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is the Holocaust Memorial day in several countries in Eurpoe. This post is in memory of the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity in the 20th century i.e., the Holocaust.  Before people criticize me for bringing attention to this day and to this crime and not to others, I will say that we cannot and should forget that millions of innocent civilians died as a result of this horrible event and when we are mourning the innocent people killed, we should not discriminate between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Here is the UN statement of commitment (Source: Wikipedia)

  1. We recognise that the Holocaust shook the foundations of modern civilisation. Its unprecedented character and horror will always hold universal meaning.
  2. We believe the Holocaust must have a permanent place in our nation’s collective memory. We honour the survivors still with us, and reaffirm our shared goals of mutual understanding and justice.
  3. We must make sure that future generations understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its consequences. We vow to remember the victims of Nazi persecution and of all genocide.
  4. We value the sacrifices of those who have risked their lives to protect or rescue victims, as a touchstone of the human capacity for good in the face of evil.
  5. We recognise that humanity is still scarred by the belief that race, religion, disability or sexuality make some people’s lives worth less than others’. Genocide, antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination still continue. We have a shared responsibility to fight these evils.
  6. We pledge to strengthen our efforts to promote education and research about the Holocaust and other genocide. We will do our utmost to make sure that the lessons of such events are fully learnt.
  7. We will continue to encourage Holocaust remembrance by holding an annual Holocaust Memorial Day. We condemn the evils of prejudice, discrimination and racism. We value a free, tolerant, and democratic society.

Dov Ber says:

Tolerant religions teach tolerance as a critical value to produce tolerant people tend toward moderation in their views and opinions. What is hateful to you do not do to others is the foundation of jurisprudence
The forces behind history and the future can not be stopped by any one person or people. Hitler versus the Jewish people. Hitler 0, Millions dead. One must understand German intelligence and will find there has been a transformation pre and post world war ii. The children of the Jews and the children and grand children of Nazis who have reached out with kindness and forgiveness to Jews among them the world will be closer to harmony.

Aliana says:

You are right, forces of history cannot be stopped but we can always try to do our part and may be, just may be our actions will make a difference. In the end we can always hope for a better world.

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