Art is the proper task of life

{January 31, 2007}   One thing to say

There are times when I feel drained, both emotionally and physically and it is almost always when I read or hear stories like this. There seems to be no end and no limit to the evil that humans can commit and on the top of it there seems to be no end to stupidity legalese of this kind. According to the Islamic version of the story of the creation of humans, the Angels asked God why he was creating humans since the humans will kill their own kind and create much bloodshed and injustice on the world but then God said that he knows what they do not know. I do not know either but they say that in love ye shall find all the answers.

Is there fairness or justice in the world? Can there be justice and fairness in the world? Some say that God has a plan for everything and for everyone but I ask what is it? Should I be complaining? Should I be asking these questions? I haven’t done my part to make the world a better place. May God have mercy on our souls.


Maliha says:

I don’t think fairness and justice even beauty can exist in it’s absolute form here. It’s just we are marred in imperfections and they are reflected in others too. But it shouldn’t stop the “lovers” from loving and the seekers from seeking…in the end there is a reason in madness; a purpose to it all?

Aliana says:

Maliha, purpose aka meaning of life — the other quintessential question in philosophy. What if the ‘purpose’ is to find purpose?

ruby says:

Every day that you make someone else happy, help someone or make someone’s day a little easier or brighter you do your part to help the world a better place. Small things make a difference too.

Aliana says:

Ruby, that is such a lovely thing that you said. 🙂

saqi says:

May be we are looking for something in a place where it does not exist.

ruby says:

*blush* Thanks Aliana.

Suroor says:

Life is a bitch sometimes 😦

Aliana says:

Saqi, that is a scary thought. I ‘prefer’ not to believe that.

ruby, you are welcome.

Suoor, You said it sista.

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