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{February 3, 2007}   How to lose a guy in one day

So you meet this guy (online), who sounds amazing, an educated person in every sense of the word, has similar tastes, has a good sense of humor etc. You find this out in the course of year. You are really curious to know if he is for real and when you happen to be in another city you attend one of the conferences where he is presenting. So now you know that this guy is for real and cute. More time passes, he happens to be coming to your city and wants to meet you. There is only problem – he thinks that you are a guy because you were just looking for someone with similar interests to chat with but now you feel something stronger, plus he is cute. Now the day is coming closer, you can’t give him your cell number since you can’t talk on the phone (unless you have a voice synthesizer) since that will give away your gender. You are so confused. What to do? Did I ever say that he is cute?

So that’s the story of my dear and sweet roomie. I wish I could give her some advice but I am stumpted so I thought I could use the wisdom of the blosphere.

Addition: After reading somethingtobe’s commets I thought that I should clarify he is not gay and has not showed interest in the other person (my roomie). By the way, we know that he is single and looking.



um, he’s gay?

come on why else does he want to meet anoterh GUY who has similar interests. chances are if your mate has the hots for him he feels something for her/him… and if she tells him she’s a girl he’ll flip thinking he was attracted to a guy — even if she is a girl pretending to be a guy

OR it could turn out to be all “she’s all that” haha give it a shot and let me know what happens!

Aliana says:

After reading your comment, I had to update the post. He is not gay. Its a complicated situation. I don’t know what to tell her. Stay tuned.

ooooooooh… ok ok, look, maybe the “guy” this cute-potential has been talking about introduces him to his sister…

OR the sister just starts to use the brother’s logged in msn session

they meet online, chat, and decide, heck, we should meet! yes/no?

Aliana says:

lol. I am not sure if that will work but at least you are thinking. May be I will have to find one of our guy friends to play this part but then she will have to tell him like a hundred facts about Mr. Cute. I donno. Still not sure but keep the brain juices flowing.

Haleem says:

wow that’s one fruit cocktail! all this time the other person never figured out he was chatting to a girl?

Do one thing – tell the truth. Tell him you (ur friend) is a girl and she wants to meet him – just for coffee and thinks he is cute.

Guys are tired of girls who just play games trust me.

Aliana says:

Well, it isn’t really a game. Some things just happen. 😦

>> Guys are tired of girls who just play games trust me.
So keep it real I guess.

arafat says:

Oddly enough, the first question that popped in my head was, is the guy also a philosopher? Or your roomie?

My advice, however, is to keep it real. I’m sure he won’t be that weirded out? Unless of course your roomie got entangled in a deliberately deceptive situation?

Seems rather complicated. But I’m generally more pro-honesty than anything else.

Aliana says:

>> is the guy also a philosopher?
Both of them are Psych students. I think that’s why my roomie is always psyched out. lol

Haleem says:

Hey Aliana I am sorry if I said your friend was playing games – honestly I didn’t mean for it to come out that way so I apologize.

But if she does go on through with more deception then it will be bad, trust me on this. Just meet him straight up, she should explain the error and carry on from there. If he gets freaked out and disappears, oh well.

Oh yeah do tell your friend to hint that she likes him. Just don’t be effusive though lol we guys have a big ego.

“Keep it real”.

Suroor says:

The only way your roomie can keep this a secret is if she changes her sex all the while also ensuring that the cute guy becomes gay. Can this happen? No. So, she should just tell him the truth. She never lied to him so why is she scared?

Maliha says:

Let her tell him the truth…best scenario: He is elated, during their convos he always thought “wow if only he was a SHE” and now his very prayer has been answered.

Worse case scenario: he is crestfallen, feels betrayed, but will get over it…and hopefully learn not to take internet personas by face value.

Best wishes to your roomie…

Sumera says:

Well if he never asked if she was male or female, then your roomie didnt really lie did she? πŸ˜€ She should tell him – he might feel led on otherwise.

Aliana says:

TO EVERYONE, thanks for your feedback.

Haleem, I see your point now. In this case HONESTY is the best policy.

>> we guys have a big ego.
I can’t argue with that. πŸ™‚

Suroor, lol. That’s hilarious. I would not say that she never lied, its more like she gave him the impression that she is a guy. So that’s why she is scared.

Maliha, that’s a good way to look at things.

Sumera: Unfortunately she did tell him the opposite.

are you gonna tell us how this pans out?

Sumera says:

Oooh…told him the opposite? Now I see why she’s worried! Let us know how it goes down..or doesnt ~bites nails~

ruby says:

I can’t even pretend that I understand how this situation possibly occured.

Aliana says:

somethingtobe, Sumera, that I will. πŸ™‚

ruby, lets not underestimate human ingenuity. :p

[…] task of life {February 10, 2007}   She told him Here is the update, my roomie finally talked to that guy and of course he kind of freaked out, speechless, did not talk for long, kind of hung up but not […]

Been there, done that, refuse to meet anyone online again.

Good luck to roomie, best to be overly honest in the begining and the crappy ones will run off, good ones always stay.


I think its perfect. But my opinion is still you need to think on your comment.

YAZMIN says:


neliA says:

i have a man call me avery day i had so much troubles at nite i cant sleep this man is so big problem i said i dont want to talk to him anymore or see him ,then 3-5 call me agian i am a bit worry about this hi know where i live or where what i am doing i really dont like this man and i have to move or call some one to help me…what i should do

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