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{February 7, 2007}   Because Praying out is better than Making Out

Lets see, so I go to this restaurant with a couple of my friends. (Its less of a restaurant and more of a shisha hang out place). Right when we are done with food and about to return, I see a brother from the MSA from a distance so I started walking towards where he is sitting so that I can say salam. He seems to be busy so does not notice me. I freeze in my tracks, the brother seems to be making out. (The same brother who criticizes non-hijabi sisters behind their backs.) I look the other way and exit the restaurant without saying anything. One of my other friends also sees this. So we run into the same brother a few days later and he is trying to get all friendly with one of the sisters. We stop by, make an excuse to take her with us but before leaving my friend says, “We would love to stay but we have to pray out. You know praying out is better than making out.” I wish I had a camera and take a picture because his expression was as if he had just seen a ghost. Priceless.


See when I was at uni, we never had an MSA and therefore don’t have any such fun stories to share.

Just to make the point more obvious, i think you should kick him.

ruby says:

The friend who said that ROCKS! Go her!

Sumera says:

LOL! That picture wouldve been priceless. Brilliant.

chimichanga says:

oooh brilliant!
It makes me soooooooooooo freaking mad when brothers bad mouth non-hijabi sisters, like they were “allowed” to talk about a sister in the first place to begin with. And for the most part, Mouzlem, brothers…. I am tired of seeing their pictures with at least 3 HOT women with his arms around their shoulders… lol…

arafat says:

This was almost a classic MSA-brother story, except for that line. That remarkable, brilliant line. You and your friend: too smart to handle.

Really, I too wish you had that camera…

just wanted to let you know that I went private and I added you to friends’ list. So you just have to logged in in order to be see my blog. =)
I updated…

Aliana says:

somethingtobe, I am a follower of the non-violence movement but you idea sounds intriguing ……

Ruby, yes she is kind of fearless.

Sumera, Arafat, the picture would have been priceless indeed.

Chimichanga, I never figured out what’s up with taking pictures with taking pictures with hot girls. thanks for adding me!

shakira says:

haha verry funny, i was just wondering do you wear a hijab??

Aliana says:

shaikra, I could answer say yes or no but because of my principles I will refrain from answering this question.

shakira says:

Aliana what have ur principles got to do with it?? im not judging its a simple question

Aliana says:

Principles form the theory of what people do.

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