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{February 14, 2007}   Bachelor Number One

Just came back from Texas, the land of milk and honey sunshine. I was reading Isheeta’s latest entry and OMG she sounds like one of my friends in my undergrad years. (She is getting married soon, voohoo!) The world is changing rapidly, in fact in the West so rapidly that the generational gap between immigrants and their parents is exacerbated by this change. So let me narrate an example of Aliana not finding the right one. This may turn out to be a weekly or a biweekly segment, a chance to bash desis (don’t worry sisters, its mostly men. Ok all of them are going to be men, not just mostly.)

So I am visiting my parents during summer and one of the aunties get this bright idea of finding a nice desi boy for me. As always I am reluctant but my mom insists so I am like whatever. So the guy and his family visit, nice people, even the guy is kind of cute but seems to be playing shy. It seems to be going fine. His family was like, yeah he is so Islamic this and so Islamic that. So I talk to him over the phone a number of times, there seems to be something fake about his modesty. Well when in doubt use Facebook! Well Mr. Modestly is doing some grinding with some Latino chicks. I love online social networks. The rest is history as they say. šŸ˜‰


Pyari says:

Love your layout!

Facebook is awesome because you learn so much about other people. My cousins randomly post pics that give me insight into how they may not be all they say they are…It’s almost like they want to be caught! People People *shakes head*

Working says:

Haha! What did your parents say?

Maliha says:

I haven’t gotten into Facebook (yeah, I am just old) but the dumb stuff I have seen/heard of what people put out there; do they think “no one” will find out? I have heard many engagements breaking because of facebook material. Kind of dumb right?

Aliana says:

Pyari, I know what you mean. šŸ™‚

Working, Lets see. Aliana shows pictures to parents. Expression of astonishment on parent’s face, followed by confusion, followed by disgust. Lets just say they were not that happy with the guy in the end. šŸ™‚

Maliha, Its dumber than dumb. The most ‘interesting’ part is when the Mullah type brothers are caught doing their thing.

arafat says:

Now you know why some of us are more careful about sharing facebook profiles with people šŸ˜‰


Aliana says:

Arafat, there are other reasons to remain annonymous on the facebook too. I wouldn’t want to be recogonizable by like a million people in school or even on the blogsphere. The world is full of freaks!

Working says:

I’m not on facebook. I’m paranoid about seeing one of my students there or something. Yuck.

Tell me about it… same thing on Naseeb dude….My mom flipped, and I guess realised that she should stop listening to rishtidars and start listening to her lunatic kid!


ruby says:

Ah parents and their rosy views of their kids…be careful out there and be thankful for the death of privacy Facebook affords us!

zulfaqar says:


This phenomenon is not limited to the guys. I found out about a the creepings of a girl I was interested in through facebook. I dont have facebook only becuase I think I might be just be outside of the age group but I dont think I would want expose myself like that anyway. I also got a question why do indian/pakistani people refer to each other as “desi”. What does it mean?

hahaha! You are so like me. Before even talking about it, I do my internet stalking. Naseeb will usually give you the infamous hookah with other inappropriate things pix, and also watch for how many girls say, “oh he is so hot.. his body is hot” you know your “male-whore alarm” goes off right there! And then comes facebook, the problem with facebook though is that you need to be in the same network, which may not always be the case.

Try not to meet anyone before having a little background check. I mean, what is the point of meeting someone who would be like that. Or maybe that is the right thing to do.
How come I never had a “meeting with prospect” in my entire life? LOL

note my new URL.

Aliana says:

SS, Weirdo hunting on naseeb. I have heard stories about it but never been there myself.

ruby, Its sometimes scary that parents are usually oblivious about what is going on on the internet. Three cheers for facebook indeed!

Zulfaqar, The word desi means “native” in Urdu/Hindi. So they refer to themselves as natives. However this is only the case in the Indo-Paki diaspora. You will seldom see this word being used by these respective people in their home countires.

Chimichanga, For a lot of people being in the same network is a limitation but not for me cuz I have a gabzillion friends in katillion schools and I can always ask them. Also in the real world, at least three times people (read desi guys) actually came up to me and tried to make sweet talk based on my facebook profile. It was alarming, I changed my name on the facebook so now I am not searchable. If you or any other sister who is reading this post had a similar experience then I would recommend that you do something similar. Its good to be non-searchable.

Good luck on meeting with prospect. I am sure you will run into someone someday. I have had many interesting experience with some prospects. I will post something about this soon.

I am sure there are good intelligent Muslim boys out there. (*Aliana is a big liar.*)

New URL, got it.

monkey says:

I always friendster and myspace stalk my prospects. A google search is de rigeur as well.

I haven’t met any male hos…most of the time I’ve passed because I feel like we don’t connect intellectually or their parents are forcing the issue.

Aliana says:

monkey, See Google has made everyone a stalker. šŸ™‚

[…] After reading about the ability to use Facebook to stalk potential prospects (ala Pyari and Aliana), I decided that was one power I need to have. So the first thing I do after signing up? I search […]

and once again Maryam is disadvantaged by living in Perth.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo…

Aliana says:

somethingtobe, You have to be in the right place at the right time but I should not be saying this because I am usually in the right place at the wrong time. It has not worked with the dozen or so prospects that I have met. :\

[…] Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo … I was saving this little tit-bit for a future post but Maryam’s recent comments prompted me to post this today. Well Maryam its not all smooth sailing for me either, see what I […]

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