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{February 27, 2007}   Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo …

I was saving this little tit-bit for a future post but Maryam’s recent comments prompted me to post this today. Well Maryam its not all smooth sailing for me either, see what I have to endure every day. :p

Me: Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo …
Mom: He was here ten minutes ago.
Me: Why did he leaveth? Tell me O noble and wise old lady?
Mom (Gives me who are you calling old look): He did not have any choice. He was cornered?
Me: Who would doeth such an ignoble deed? Tell me O noble and fair maiden?
Mom: It was Xena, the warrior princess. Romeo was badly beaten and then cast into the dungeon by the merciless amazonian.
Me (Giggling): Surely O miss, he must haveth doneth some wrongful perfidious deed? Why would haveth a noble amazonian taketh such a drastic step?
Mom: Yeah, he mentioned something about a traditional wife.
Me: Then her acts were justified. Who would this noble, blue-blooded, brave and exalted amazonian be?
Mom: They call her Aliana and she hunts such men.
Me: Haha, die heretic die!
Mom: Aliana! Grow up.
Me (Innocent look): What? What did I say mom?
Mom: One of these day you will have to get married.
Me: Mom, you sound more desi than desis sometimes.


Pyari says:

Awww your mom sounds so fun and sweet!
“One of these days you HAVE to get married”-reminded me of something I thought up a while back, I was stuck at some random desi party, hating every minute of it and Fobby desi aunty upon hearing of my impending graduate studies then said “But beta, when will you get married?” I gave her a sheepish look and mumbled something about Allah’s plan, but later when I was eating dessert I came up with the perfect comeback-Aunty I will only get married when ALL people who wish to get married are free to do so. If you wish to help me, please Vote No on Prop 102 (gay marriage ban) on election day hehehe 🙂

Let her think THAT over *evil smirk*

Haleem says:

haha you are funny.. having a cool mother is very cool

ruby says:

That’s a fun convo with your mom!


You didn’t really have that convo now did you?

screw growing up. when men do it, i’ll follow suit, hmph.

aliana says:

Pyari, that’s evil. I wonder if the anty even knew what prop 102 was?

Haleem, ruby, yes and yes. Especially if she lets you have your way. =]

Maryam, lol. Well I did edit the details about me saying sorry in the beginning and then at the end. Many a time I feel bad, she lets me have my way most of the time. As I said before, she can be more desi than desi.

ayan says:

I dont know what to say. I have only read a few of your posts, and as such don’t want to draw any conclusions. Keep writing. I enjoy.

Aliana says:

ayan, welcome to the blog. Hope to see you here often.

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