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{March 5, 2007}   Dolls? You must have meant WITCHES!!!!!!

This particular excerpt form an article in the NYT made me mad, I mean really really mad.

“Pussycat Dolls Present” is about female empowerment, the show’s producers explained to a group of television writers and critics here in January,

“Everything the Pussycat Dolls are is everything that I’ve developed myself into being,” said the rap star Lil’ Kim, who is a judge on the show and who served a prison sentence for lying to a federal grand jury about a shooting outside a radio station.

For the uninitiated, the Pussycat Dolls are a female singing group whose six members slither through their music videos dressed like Barbie’s nasty cousins.

Pussycat Dolls as role models for girls? Female Empowerment? WTF. They are not dolls, they are like witches. Yes, I said Witches, Witches and Witches! (I had to get this out of my system.). Here is another excerpt.

When another male writer asked what kind of women truly aspire to the Dolls’ aesthetic, McG responded: “You must understand the fundamental paradox of a gentleman of your age asking that very question.”

He added: “Being a step backwards for women suggests it’s in the service of men. Under no circumstances is this in the service of men.”

This is what I call twisted semantics and this is exactly what Ariel Levy talks about in her book. These $@#% people have hijacked feminism. Sexuality may be one form of power but making it is the only form of power that a woman has is absurd. This is the kind of mentality that leads young girls to display themselves on debased shows like Girls gone wild. Its not the girls that have gone wild but rather the %@#$ rampant consumerism.


monkey says:

Are you referring to Female Chauvinist Pigs? See my post today about my cousin telling me how guys completely expect you to “hook up” with them these days. They don’t even DATE you. No, no sort of commitment whatsoever.

It all seems so unintellectual and dull.

rawi says:

“Sexuality may be one form of power but making it is the only form of power that a woman has is absurd.”

That is precisely what I’d come to realize and believe but couldn’t quite express as such!

(note to self: read Ariel Levy)

Aliana says:

monkey, yes I am. I will check out your post right now.

rawi, welcome to the blog and definately read Ariel Levy. 🙂

AKA says:

This is a scary thought – the Pussycat Dolls role models?! I know the words in that sentence, but they don’t make sense together. This could be the reason why you see more and more young girls in malls parading around in identical, skin-tight, short, revealing outfits. I know when my generation was younger it wasn’t that we had Nobel Laureates as role models, but surely it wasn’t as bad as this…?

Been reading your blog for awhile now, it’s great 🙂

Aliana says:

Exactly, I remeber that it was the accomplished women lauerates, writers, caring women etc who were presented as role models but now shallowness is the rule of the day. So whenever I see something like this I say WITCHES! WITCHES! WITCHES! WITCHES! WITCHES!

>>Been reading your blog for awhile now, it’s great

[…] Dolls? You must have meant WITCHES!!!!!! – Aliana […]

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