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{March 28, 2007}   Versace

Donatella Versace’s stick-figure 20-year-old daughter, has anorexoa. Should we be surprised?


Sumera says:

Donatella looks like a goldfish :-/

ruby says:

Hmmmm…living in the world of fashion, in the company of other stick figures, no real job, too much money….color me surprised!

Isheeta says:

You know whats realllllllly funny?

Donatella says, ‘She is receiving the best medical care possible to help overcome this illness and is responding well.’

Im going to sound realllllly heartless here…. but what will it take to open the girl’s mouth and stuff a sandwich in there?! I mean, its obvious its just another publicity stunt to generate fake pity!

Sadly I say, Kismat….

So many women and girls the world over have unrealistic body images due to the fashion industry…

Isheeta made a hilarious point… but Ishy she won’t hold it in, she’ll just puke it all out or not eat for the next 2 weeks.

This is a terrible illness. But maybe they (House of Versace) might realise that they need to revisit the body images they prepetrate…


Aliana says:

Sumera, that is so so true.

Ruby, it was gonna happy. The world is kind of twisted like this.

Isheeta, I kind of agree. I mean if I was her mom or something I would force her to eat. I would be like, “Mou kholou Beta” (Open you mouth!)

SS (Can I call you SS, that’s such a cool name – SS) Anyway I think that these women are really from Mars. I mean like they should consider consequences that their actions will have on millions of other women world wide and now the ghost of fashion industry has come to haunt them.

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