Art is the proper task of life

{April 25, 2007}   Irony as the task of Life (Part II)

Life can be ironic but irony can also be life. This is Aliana’s predicament and not just her predicament but the predicament of her friends. Lets start with A. A is for Aliana. I have not been praying lately, I know that I should and I desperately need to but can’t seem to bring myself to do so. G got played and guess what it was a desi guy, a Pakistani to be exact thus proving me right – again. At least she knows what she is looking for, as for me I gave up long time ago. L has stopped writing to me but I am going to be equally stubborn and not write her back. Well what can I do? This is the way I am. J thinks that’s she can out stubborn me, guess what sister, I am the best when it comes to stubbornness. I hope there was more certainty in life. But life doesn’t work like that does it? I don’t like finding out my dependencies and when I do I have to make sure that I have to make sure that I am no longer dependent upon them. In the process I always get hurt, sometimes even severely. And with Z, well I wish for once Zeb could try to be herself.


ruby says:

I’m confused Aliana…help! I have no idea what’s going on here except that you’re stubborn and not praying…

Sumera says:

Hope things begin to get better for you soon.

Pyari says:

I so know what you mean about praying. I feel that way too sometimes, even though I KNOW i should be, and that I’ll feel better when I do, but alas, something keeps me from it. It’s good to see you be so honest about it.

I don’t like finding out my dependencies and when I do I have to make sure that I am no longer dependent upon them

OMG I’m the same way. To me dependencies are a weakness, and I’m currently in this whole show no weakness kick, so I totally get you . Its hard though, because although to us those dependencies are flaws, they are a part of who we are and changing ourself is never an easy thing.

Best of luck to you though 🙂

Aliana says:

>> I’m confused Aliana…help!
You are not alone. I am confused as well.

Sumera, thanks. I hope so too.

Gift says:

Hi Aliana, just came across your blog randomly, you’re writing is amazing. I get what you mean about the not praying…sometimes when we need divine help the most, we feel the most distant. It will come in time.

Not all desi men are bad, I’m beginning to think it’s all men full stop lol!

Hope things look up for you soon.

Aliana says:

Welcome to the blog Gift. I am glad that you liked my writing.
Nice nick BTW.

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