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{April 28, 2007}   James Bond is a Misogynist Pig!

James Bond is an unrealistic misogynist good for nothing chauvanistic pig! That’s right, that’s what he is- A Misogynist Pig! A Misogynist Pig! A Misogynist Pig! A Misogynist Pig! A Misogynist Pig!

I am glad I got that out of my system. Now back to grading.


ruby says:

You are now going to have to issue a public, media aided apology for calling him a pig. You can blame Baldwin for this.

Aliana says:

lol, I was expecting someone to say this. πŸ™‚
James may be hot but he is still a misogynist pig, that would make him what – a hot misogynist pig. lol Just kidding.

Pyari says:

He SO is. I’m glad you said that, for so many years, they masked his ugly misogynistic heart beneath an exterior of hot men (Conneray, brosnon..YUM) but now that they cast Craig, I so have NO interest in Bond anymore πŸ™‚

rawi says:

lol, someone’s pissed off! but then again you’re kinda stating the obvious. well, i guess obvious except to those who are blind(ed)…

Aliana says:

Pyari, I am glad that I have company. Yaay, let expose Mr. Zero Zero Zero for who he is – Zero.

Rawi, exactly. In this day and age it is necessary to state the obvious since many a times people do not see the obvious.

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