Art is the proper task of life

{May 31, 2007}   Where to Now Aliana?

I have been thinking about this subject for some time now – where to Aliana? Where to now? Where to now indeed? I believe that things happen for a reason, even though we may not know what the reason is at the time when that thing happens. So Aliana is here for a reason, by here I mean this blog.

So after some contemplation I am back, so here is the deal. You may have wondered who is Aliana? So here is your answer. She lives in a world where the boundary between fact and fiction is rather thin and sometimes it is not even clear which side of the fiction-reality divide she stands. In this postmodern day and age when the constructed and the artificial stands shoulder to shoulder with the natural, where the distinction appearance and reality is ephemeral at best the thing that matters the most is not just what we way but how we say it and even who we are when we say it. With this remarks let me officially announce that Aliana is back and this time she means business. 🙂 Some of you already know this, being me is not easy sometimes its less like being a person and being more like a committee.


{May 29, 2007}   Life – Snapshots

Inspired from the 300

Friend: This is Madness!
Me: This is Alianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

A Conversation
Me: There are some things that I can say as this person that I cannot say as myself.
BK: But isn’t that deception
Me: No. All that they have to do is to ask and I will tell them.
BK: You are crazy!
Me: Thank you for the complement brother.

Guess Who?

Me: This is what you get when you put many faces together.
Friend: An experiment in fiction?
Me: No, an experiment in reality!
Friend: Then what is the difference between the two.
Me: Many a times there is no difference.
Friend: So what will you say?
Me: Everything without saying a word!
Friend: But why?
Me: I just realized that they should not complain later on when I tell them.

{May 17, 2007}   I am Simone

I am Simone
by Aliana Mirza

You ask, who are you?
I say I am unreal
unreal, I am unclear
I am Simone

Who am I then?
How will you know me?
Call me by another name,
My sister’s name
I am Simone

et cetera