Art is the proper task of life

{May 29, 2007}   Life – Snapshots

Inspired from the 300

Friend: This is Madness!
Me: This is Alianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

A Conversation
Me: There are some things that I can say as this person that I cannot say as myself.
BK: But isn’t that deception
Me: No. All that they have to do is to ask and I will tell them.
BK: You are crazy!
Me: Thank you for the complement brother.

Guess Who?

Me: This is what you get when you put many faces together.
Friend: An experiment in fiction?
Me: No, an experiment in reality!
Friend: Then what is the difference between the two.
Me: Many a times there is no difference.
Friend: So what will you say?
Me: Everything without saying a word!
Friend: But why?
Me: I just realized that they should not complain later on when I tell them.


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