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{June 27, 2007}   Wide Brush By Alfred Nicole

Wide Brush

By Alfred Nicole

Late afternoon, in the slant winter light,

Where men are painting the white buildings white,

The shadows of their ladders climb the walls

To meet the covering darkness as it falls.


{June 18, 2007}   The No Honor Killing

The source of the story is the good folks at AltMuslim.

On April 28, 2006, 20 year-old Banaz Mahmod Bakabir Agha’s body was found hacked to pieces and packed in a suitcase in a suburb of London. Her crime was leaving an abusive arranged marriage and wishing to marry a man of her own choice. Finally, on June 12 of this year, her killers were brought to justice when a British court convicted her father Mahmod Mahmod and her uncle Ari Mahmod of her murder.

So what’s really going on here?

Archaic and misogynistic cultural beliefs, on the one hand, reduce women to objects of ownership and control, whose family members have no qualms in obliterating them for imagined sins against tradition. On the other is a host foreign culture suspicious of a ghettoised and economically disenfranchised Muslim minority, and hence slow to provide protection.

The following really caught my attention. It makes me wonder that the Muslim community should stop worrying about the the “big” things and start thinking about the “small” things in life.

Finally, also blameworthy is the persistent silence of the Muslim Council of Britain, and other Muslim groups who jump to organise protests when Muslim women are denied the right to wear niqabs but choose to ignore their plight when they fall prey to the brutality of their own families.

{June 16, 2007}   Foldable Portable Lota

For anyone looking for a lucrative and unexplored market here is a bright idea – a foldable portable lota. Also all the venture capitalists people out there, here is your chance to make millions. The islamosphere attests to the feasibility of this product.

Some of you may already know this but I have to admit ignorance in this regard – Peter Hitchens and Christopher Hitchens are brothers! This was very very surprising for me since the two are very different individuals and hold radically different world views. One is a religious conservative and the other one is arguably one of the most famous atheists of our times. Here is the full scoop from the independent.

{June 15, 2007}   Blog Search

This was of course bound to happen, people searching for perverted weird stuff ending up on my blog. It just shows what people are searching now a days. What is wrong with people these days? Here are a few examples.

  • Chinese sex
  • Desi Marriage
  • woman say salam
  • Desi anty
  • Paris sexy

And Here is my favorite.

James Bond imperialist colonialist chauvanist

And how can there be not the ‘mandatory’ stalkers searching for Aliana Mirza. Come on people show yourself. I promise I won’t reverse search you. lol

P.S: These are not even half as interesting as the one’s that Ruby is getting.

Yes, you read it right. Appearently some self-appointed Mullahcrat thinks that “Only girls with bad character go to college.” This is yet another example of perversion of religion and shows that how self styled spokesmen (I can’t use the word spokesperson here since these people would certainly say that there is no such thing as a spokeswoman) lack the basic knowledge of Islam. Have they forgotten the hadiath about obtaining knowledge being obligatory on all Muslim men and women? May be I am being too kind when I say have they forgotten, may be they have not heard about it! Well, God knows best. Here is the excerpt about the absurdity.

The sisters allege their neighbour Mohammad Ali Nisar Ansari assaulted their parents and brother on May 11. Ansari allegedly asked the sisters’ father Yasheen Sheikh not to send them to college.

Ansari and other men in their locality believe that “only girls with bad character go to college” and did not want sisters to study after school. The family was told that Islam does not “permit” girls to study.

“They threatened me and abused my family. They beat up my father and brother so badly that there was blood all over the floor,” says Samina.

Samina alleges Nagpada police station officials refused to accept her complaint, the petition said.

Remember Logic 101, if not here is a primer.


  1. “Only girls with bad character go to college”
  2. Aliana goes to College.
  3. Aliana is a girl.


Therefore, Aliana is …. never mind. We all know that Logic is haraam.

Just saw this on Arts and Letters Daily – Richard Rorty is dead. A moment of blog silence is to be observed. 😦

What do I mean by this? FHM an the likes have arrived in the Middle Kingdom. As I have stated before women can wear what they want but promoting a highly sexualized image of women is just plain wrong.

However, some critics say what it proved most successfully was that sex and sexuality sell in China just as they do in other countries. In fact, the magazine puts pictures of scantily clad models on the cover and, of course, a lot more inside.

And when they talk about content, they really do not mean text or articles they mean pictures and not just pictures but that kind of pictures.

“We offer content that will interest men,” said Wang Xiaofeng, the executive editor. “Most of the staff are men. And they know too well what content they want.”

Regarding my last comment about the articles well I take it back, consider this.

With pictures that are considered quite “bold” by Chinese standards and with such topics as “having sex while standing up”, the magazine’s editors know too well that they ought to be careful.
“We censor ourselves in terms of how far we can go,” said Jin.

Censor ourselves? Excuse me but that’s not what it looked like?

Pan Suiming, a sociologist at Renmin University in Beijing, says the magazine reflects the overall trend in Chinese magazines toward sexual explicitness. He said the trend has been noticeably evolving and intensifying over the past five years. While acknowledging that Chinese women are more confident today in displaying their physical beauty, the trend is predominantly driven by commercialism, he said.

Commercialism, of course what else. Sometimes it feels as if commodification of the consumer will be the ultimate height of commercialism and consumerism. Rest assurred, all is not lost.

Another cover girl, Shao Yuhan, received much media attention because her mother became very indignant about the magazine after seeing her daughter’s pictures and wrote an open protest letter, criticizing the magazine for leading a promising singer like her daughter in the wrong direction. That protest eventually earned an apology from the magazine, which said it was not like Playboy magazine.

I was just channel surfing and the most $@#%^ important news in the world right now is that Paris Hilton is going back to jail. What the $@%^&? We almost never get to hear what’s happening in the ‘obscure’ parts of the world like Sri Lanka? Darfur is also kind of in the back burner. This only shows how $@!#$ up our priorities have become. I am just appauled by the fact that most people have not even heard of the recent conflict in Congo which was the deadliest conflict after WW II in which more than four million people died. $#@%^& up han?

{June 8, 2007}   Hijabs and all that

I saw this picture at Akram’s Razor and although it shows hijabis on the Syrian street, one does see all of these different kinds of hijabs in the US too.

et cetera