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{June 1, 2007}   Facebook: Its Over

Ok, that’s it. Bye, bye, tata. I am done with the Facebook and finally deactivated my facebook account. I realized that Facebook has the magical power of turning perfectly normal people into voyeurs. Then there are things that you accidently discover about people which you do not want to know. So there you have it, I am done with the facebook but there is one little problem – I have this sudden urge to check the status of my friends on the facebook. Help!


Gift says:

Oooohh…I’m still a new convert to facebook. I think it has it’s advantages…like stalking those potential rishtas …oooh wait…I’ve just seen a post on your blog about that…off to read it.

Aliana says:

Its very very addictive. I am thinking about going back ….

Attia (aka Gift) says:

Tell me about it..and they have all these new funky applications that you can add…

Aliana says:

I heard about the apps. Why did they have to add it when I left. 😦

Attia says:

I think that there is a sinister force at work trying to draw you back lol!

naveed says:

hmm i think its much better then orkut..atleast you have your privacy…

Aliana says:

Very true indeed Naveed,

Stevo says:

facebook.. i havent been to the site because most anyone i know who tell me about it are wanksters…

i had like 3 friendster accounts tho and its like facebook…

its a great place to have second thoughts about your ex and see the guy who beat you to her heart posting lovey dovey shit about each other

its also a great way to not move on with your life or get your life sucked out of you

its a great thing for ADD people i think all facebook/friendster users who have millions of friends but dont really ‘know’ the mill of peeps on their list have some serious disorder or have Cranked up ADD cases

typical friendster comment/shoutout:
add me at “insertgeneric email”
and then “this friendster account is full, add me at my other one”
which is like “the idiots name.V2.FullProfile”
wtf something went wrong with human evolution/civilization along the way…..

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