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{June 8, 2007}   Paris and $@#!&* Up Priorities

I was just channel surfing and the most $@#%^ important news in the world right now is that Paris Hilton is going back to jail. What the $@%^&? We almost never get to hear what’s happening in the ‘obscure’ parts of the world like Sri Lanka? Darfur is also kind of in the back burner. This only shows how $@!#$ up our priorities have become. I am just appauled by the fact that most people have not even heard of the recent conflict in Congo which was the deadliest conflict after WW II in which more than four million people died. $#@%^& up han?


Svend says:

It is indeed sickening beyond words. The thing few Americans realize is that the apathy and ignorance that American MSM inculcate in Americans ultimately poses a threat to the rest of the world. The American government wields incredible power over the lives of millions up millions of people around the world, yet our media make it almost impossible for citizens to make informed decisions and ensure that their government acts responsibly on their behalf about the world by dumbing things down so relentlessly (or, worse, consciously spinning propaganda for the govt).

Check out the article on various related issues by Benjamin Barber in The American Conservative.

Aliana says:

Welcome to the blog Svend. I think its not just the media here but the media all over the world is becoming just like this. Opinion and ‘truthiness’ seems to be passing as fact. That’s why the internet is important because of its decentralized nature.

Thanks for the pointer to the articles Svend.

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