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{June 12, 2007}   Chinese women to be Objectified err … “liberated”

What do I mean by this? FHM an the likes have arrived in the Middle Kingdom. As I have stated before women can wear what they want but promoting a highly sexualized image of women is just plain wrong.

However, some critics say what it proved most successfully was that sex and sexuality sell in China just as they do in other countries. In fact, the magazine puts pictures of scantily clad models on the cover and, of course, a lot more inside.

And when they talk about content, they really do not mean text or articles they mean pictures and not just pictures but that kind of pictures.

“We offer content that will interest men,” said Wang Xiaofeng, the executive editor. “Most of the staff are men. And they know too well what content they want.”

Regarding my last comment about the articles well I take it back, consider this.

With pictures that are considered quite “bold” by Chinese standards and with such topics as “having sex while standing up”, the magazine’s editors know too well that they ought to be careful.
“We censor ourselves in terms of how far we can go,” said Jin.

Censor ourselves? Excuse me but that’s not what it looked like?

Pan Suiming, a sociologist at Renmin University in Beijing, says the magazine reflects the overall trend in Chinese magazines toward sexual explicitness. He said the trend has been noticeably evolving and intensifying over the past five years. While acknowledging that Chinese women are more confident today in displaying their physical beauty, the trend is predominantly driven by commercialism, he said.

Commercialism, of course what else. Sometimes it feels as if commodification of the consumer will be the ultimate height of commercialism and consumerism. Rest assurred, all is not lost.

Another cover girl, Shao Yuhan, received much media attention because her mother became very indignant about the magazine after seeing her daughter’s pictures and wrote an open protest letter, criticizing the magazine for leading a promising singer like her daughter in the wrong direction. That protest eventually earned an apology from the magazine, which said it was not like Playboy magazine.


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