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{June 13, 2007}   “Only girls with bad character go to college”

Yes, you read it right. Appearently some self-appointed Mullahcrat thinks that “Only girls with bad character go to college.” This is yet another example of perversion of religion and shows that how self styled spokesmen (I can’t use the word spokesperson here since these people would certainly say that there is no such thing as a spokeswoman) lack the basic knowledge of Islam. Have they forgotten the hadiath about obtaining knowledge being obligatory on all Muslim men and women? May be I am being too kind when I say have they forgotten, may be they have not heard about it! Well, God knows best. Here is the excerpt about the absurdity.

The sisters allege their neighbour Mohammad Ali Nisar Ansari assaulted their parents and brother on May 11. Ansari allegedly asked the sisters’ father Yasheen Sheikh not to send them to college.

Ansari and other men in their locality believe that “only girls with bad character go to college” and did not want sisters to study after school. The family was told that Islam does not “permit” girls to study.

“They threatened me and abused my family. They beat up my father and brother so badly that there was blood all over the floor,” says Samina.

Samina alleges Nagpada police station officials refused to accept her complaint, the petition said.

Remember Logic 101, if not here is a primer.


  1. “Only girls with bad character go to college”
  2. Aliana goes to College.
  3. Aliana is a girl.


Therefore, Aliana is …. never mind. We all know that Logic is haraam.


rawi says:

“We all know that Logic is haraam”… hehe 😀

Ahmed says:

That is ridiculous. And the police not doing anything makes me angry. I read your post and thought ok its some small backwards city/town but no, its freaking Mumbai and this is still going on. I hope things work out for that family.

Aliana says:

rawi, sadly I know a person who actually said this! 😦

Ahmed, sad indeed. That were exactly my thoughts – its freaking Mumbai for God’s sake!

Mezba says:

I am sure there are other communities there equally backwards. Shame Muslims are one of them.

nychai says:

oh dear.

i think it is pretty clear that logic has nothing to do with the decision!

best wishes,

Attia says:

Logic and everything else that could be remotely interesting and edifying for the female mind is haraam. *sigh* why do you guys not understand ;))

More rubbish from Maulana Bijleez as I like to call them … I mean please, the Prophet’s wives were also teachers.

Ruby says:

That poor family, that’s horrible. Its so sad that these attitudes are so prevalent still…

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Aliana says:

Mezba: You are correct. See the latest post on Natalia’s blog to confirm your suspicion.

Attia: Maulana Bijleez, rhymes with Ibless. 🙂

“The Prophet’s wives were also teachers.” A very important point to remember.

Haleem says:

C’mon if women are educated then they will start to think! and if they start to think, they might TALK! Do we really want that? lol

Aliana says:

Haleem: And not just talk but blog too!

'liya says:

Shame on you Aliana, for wanting knowledge and education!

My advice: drop out, get married at 16, raise 10 children, let your husband beat you/tell you what to wear/when you may leave the house, turn in your car keys, and don’t ever ever EVER open a book – that’s how it should be done. Yeah.. that’s the “right” thing to do…


Sumera says:

The only logical conclusion one reaches from the above is that there was no logic in the answer :p

You see, if these women become educated they might get “uppity” and insist on being treated like human beings with rights instead of sex slaves/domestic servants with limited privileges, much as the women of the western world did once they took off their aprons and got their learnin’on.

Educated women are “difficult” because they call men on their sh*t. And we can’t have THAT, can we? After all, how can these women be sold off like cows or camels to the highest bidders if they’re difficult to manage and/or damaged goods? What good is a servant who doesn’t take orders?

Aks.. says:

means almost all the girls r of bad character.

Aliana says:

liya: Shame on Aliana indeed. There are a ‘few’ problems with your ‘advice’ though. Firstly I am more than 16 years old, having 10 children will take a long time unless some of them are triplets. lol
Sumera: Like I said, Logic is haram anyway. 😉
hedonisticpleasureseeker: Yes that is one way to put it. Sometimes it seems that a solution to such problems creates another problem. May be that is the fate of human afairs. 😦
Aks: Make one wonder, han?

Aks.. says:

well thats not a criteria to measure the purity of a girl!

Aliana says:

Aks, that what you and I think but there are other people who are #$@! up.

Adrian says:

I am happy I found your site on digg. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my boyfriend were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such trusted info being shared freely out there.
Best wishes,
Alan from Grand Rapids city

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