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{June 15, 2007}   Blog Search

This was of course bound to happen, people searching for perverted weird stuff ending up on my blog. It just shows what people are searching now a days. What is wrong with people these days? Here are a few examples.

  • Chinese sex
  • Desi Marriage
  • woman say salam
  • Desi anty
  • Paris sexy

And Here is my favorite.

James Bond imperialist colonialist chauvanist

And how can there be not the ‘mandatory’ stalkers searching for Aliana Mirza. Come on people show yourself. I promise I won’t reverse search you. lol

P.S: These are not even half as interesting as the one’s that Ruby is getting.


rawi says:

rather coincidental: i’ve had a draft post since last week that i’ve been meaning to put up on the blog. it’s about exactly the same issue, and i’ve compiled a bunch of ridiculous search strings. just you wait!

p.s. “James Bond imperialist colonialist chauvanist” 😀 hahahahaha, damn! at least that person kinda had the right perspective, no?

Haleem says:

hahaha…. Chinese sex … is that beef with broccoli? lol

When I started to blog I always chose the option not to list it on search engines…much less hassle.

Haleem says:

lol shall we say the people searching for these are not lowering their gaze…

illilumb says:

hmm… thank you

RanuatT says:

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