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{August 9, 2007}   Shut up Aliana you Fake!

You may have heard of Inferno or Javed Nama, of Virgil and Rumi, of epic journeys of Dante and Iqbal. I also have a guide of sorts. She is always positive and supportive but our recent conversation was “interesting”. It started with me pretending to be someone else (hey its the internet, anything is possible) and her finding out. It started out with the mandatory, “Shame on you Aliana on pretending to be someone that you are not.” “I thought you would understand,” was what I could muster and then I continued “It was a literary experiment. Its not that I was trying to deceive them or something.” And then she gave me that look so I had to say, “Ok, ok. You are right. It is some sort of deception but that is not my primary aim.” Then she hit me again, “Excuses excuses, excuses.” This went on for 20 minutes until I got her point. So now I am in a conundrum, if I tell my new friends about myself then they won’t understand so I ask myself, “No, seriously Aliana what the hell are you trying to do here. No, seriously!” That’s the problem with literary experiments, they can become too real sometimes. What is little Miss Aliana supposed to do? “Shut up Aliana you Fake! You self-immolating genius!” That’s what she said. Look at the bright side, at least she think I am a genius.


Shahrzad says:

I dont think she is doing bad job lol Aliana, plz don’t think too much. I like your name: Aliana Mirza. An i saw you have the same link of Rumi poetry in your blog as mine. I am glad that you like Rumi. You seem to be Pakistani. Am i right? 🙂

Aliana says:

Welcome to the blog Shahrzad. She is kind of right although I am not going to listen to her. 🙂 Rumi is amazing, unbelievable, incredible, etc. He says so much in so few words. As for being Pakistani, yes at least half. 🙂

[…] are just duplicitous but I ask myself, do I really have a right to make this statement? I mean pretending to be someone else is not exactly the most honest thing in the world is it. May God have mercy on our […]

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