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{August 12, 2007}   The Terror League, err … Muttawa

There are some stories which are sad and speak for themselves. This is one of those stories. Especially for people from South Asia, Philippines and even Indonesia who are poor and are working in KSA Muttawa can be a force to be feared not because they ‘enforce’ religious edicts but because of their harsh attitude and act as if they control everything. Here is an excerpt from a story at Yahoo!

A Bangladeshi man died of fright after being arrested by Saudi Arabia’s controversial religious police for washing a car instead of praying, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

The unnamed man died last week in the holy city of Medina after being detained by members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Al-Jazirah reported.

The Arabic daily said the man “convulsed in fear after he was arrested, leading to a drop in his blood pressure and causing his death.”

The man was arrested by members of the commission, commonly known as the Muttawa, for washing a car during a time of day when he should have been at prayer, the paper said.


wow , thats totaly the wrong way to go about it

Shahrzad says:

I am so sad. It irks me really. They damage spirit of Islam, Islam doesnt work like this…

p.s: I linked you honey

Actually, something like this happened recently to some people I know. eight British Iraqis were detained and beaten by the muttawa before the British embassy interevened. The men claim they were targeted because they were shia and because they were Westerners.

Here’s an article on it

its pretty insane 😦 man thats the heart of islam one cay say…its sadd i dnt know why they are enforcing islam.. they may have some reason behind this

Aliana says:

To everyone: Sorry for not replying to comments earlier. I was on ‘vacation.’ These people are just crazy.

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