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{September 30, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 6

Here is Queen Rania again.


Jordan’s Queen Rania (L) shakes hands with a boy during her tour of the Sabha and Sobhiyeh towns in the Northern Badia region during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan September 20, 2007. REUTERS/Naser Ayoub (JORDAN)


{September 29, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 5


A Syrian girl prays in the historic Umayyad Mosque in Old Damascus September 21, 2007, at Friday prayers during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri (SYRIA)

{September 28, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 4

And so we celebrate Day 4 with the whirling dervishes in Turkey.


Whirling dervishes perform at a shopping mall on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan in Istanbul, Turkey, late Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007. Muslims all over the world are observing the fasting month of Ramadan abstaining from consuming food and drinks from dawn to dusk. (AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta)

{September 27, 2007}   The Ramadan Compact

For those people who are tired of rampant consumerism everywhere and even in Ramadan there is now the Ramadan Compact. Check it out at the following URL:

{September 27, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 3

Here is the third Muslim to (soon) go into space.


R-L: Members of the main international space crew, Malaysia’s first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, American Peggy Whitson and Yury Malenchenko of Russia shake hands after a news conference in Star City outside Moscow. Shukor said on Thursday he hoped to fast aboard the International Space Station as he visits there in the holy month of Ramadan.(AFP/Maxim Marmur)

{September 26, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 2

Day 2 and here is Queen Rania.

Jordan’s Queen Rania (L) holds a baby during a visit to city of Sweileh during the Holy Month of Ramadan September 23, 2007. REUTERS/Naser Ayoub (JORDAN)

{September 25, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 1

I am really sick and tired of seeing pictures of angry Muslims in the media. While I do agree that there are many Muslims out there who seriously need to take the chill pill or take anger management classes to say the least, it is also true that there are a lot of good Muslims out there who are genuinely happy and who love to laugh, smile and find happiness in helping others. So for at least for the duration of Ramadan I will be posting pictures of Muslim who are smiling or at least look cool. So here is a picture for day 1.

Jordanian boys smile as they receive a donated fast breaking meal at Takeyat Um Ali, a humanitarian service center which provides food for poor families, Amman, Jordan, Monday, Sept. 24, 2007. The center provides more than 3500 meals every day during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. (AP Photo/Nader Daoud)

{September 23, 2007}   EcoIslam

Just recently found this new blog about Islam and the environment. Check it out at the following url, it looks cool.

{September 20, 2007}   Search: Hall of Fame

Here is yet another round of search items that led people to this blog. So here it is with some commentary.

when did women go to college

Well I donno when but it surely has been a while since they have been going.

Non hijabis friends

O, come on I am sure hijabis are just as friendly. You just never gave them a chance!

mistress aliana

Now this is very disturbing you pervert!

muslimtees, muslimtees isna

This has been appearing on the search list quite often. Let me guess marketers at Muslimtees? Anway I still say cool designs. If they were any cooler they would be haram. lol

muslima sexy

Ok, what exactly are you people trying to search here?

so many fake hijabis

I know, I know.

Misogynist bond

Finally someone making sense!

men are selfish pigs poems

O well, they are bad but they are not that bad. At least not all of them!

{September 20, 2007}   A Desire in the Bangles

By Gagan Gill

A desire is in the girl’s bangles:
first they will break on his bed
then on the threshold of his house.
But why on the threshold?
Because in the girl there is a woman
mourning – who is not yet
a widow
but a widow to be.
The girl’s fear throbs in her veins
as far as her bangles
The girl’s desire throbs in them
The girl’s mourning throbs in them
Where is the girl’s man
for whom mourning runs in her veins
for whom desire is in her bangles?
Her man is caught
in some other body
some other dream
sorrow, other tears
His every sorrow, dream, tear
is beyond the reach of the mourning girl…
But the girl is only a girl
in her is that primal innocence,
madness, death,
whose punishment
she will give to that man
one day
when she will break her bangles…

Translated from Hindi by Jane Duran

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