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{September 7, 2007}   Muslim Tees


A new discovery at ISNA (its Islamic Society of North America and not I am Single ‘N Available, mind it!) – Muslim Tees. Their designs are just awesome. Previously they had tees for only brothers but now they have rectified their ‘mistake.’ (Don’t forget that sisters are an important part of the economic demographic, perhaps even more important than the brothers!) Anyways the designs are pretty cool so I highly recommend it. So here is their website:


Shahrzad says:

Good that they rectified their mistake. I hear this news of ISNA so much nowadays..For awhile i was working in a news agency with this ISNA name:”Iranian students News Agency”
Interesting similarity between names!

P.S: Welcome back, missed you already.. πŸ™‚

samaha says:

I actually picked up a “This is what a radical Muslim feminist looks like” t-shirt from hijabman at ISNA. I also picked up a couple of t-shirts for my daughters as well – but now you have a preview of an upcomming post.

Aliana says:

Shahrzad: Cool, interesting similarity indeed.

Samaha: Hijabman’s picture was in the New York Times.

zingtrial says:

Salaam This is mashAllah nice blog. He!He!He! Liked reading it.Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a Happy Ramadan and a very peace full time.

Sumera says:

This is cool πŸ˜€

Aliana says:

zingtrial: Cool, welcome to the blog and Happy Ramadan to you too.

samaha says:

Cool – I have a few links that I haven’t read yet about the ISNA convention – a NY times article and a podcast at the guardian (hijabman) also mentioned there and I found out through that that I missed the Taqwapalooza!!!! Somebody has to tell me these things – I’m so out of the loop – I definately would have gone to that.

Sallamz everyone! My name is Khaled and I currently work for and I’d first like to say thank you for the support and love for MT. To make a quick clarification, the short-sleeve shirts we offer are unisex shirts, and have been intended to be so from the start. Sisters purchase our short-sleeve shirts both online and at conferences as much if not more than brothers! Preferences in style differs, thus the new sister’s long-sleeve line has been released due to high demand from our female customers πŸ™‚


Aliana says:

wa salam, Thanks for stopping by Ledo/Khalid. My comment about the sisters was supposed to be half serious. I was also one of the persons who bought the old Ts but then I may not representative of the larger audience πŸ™‚ Anyways Masha’Allah really cool designs. Looks like you do know the importance of the female demographic – Sisters Rule!

Khurram Younus says:

To whom it may concern,

Whats up with http://www.MUSLIMTEES.COM ? ? the site is not around anymore ? Where did u guys go ?

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