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{September 10, 2007}   Spears, Spears, Dis-spears

Little miss Aliana goes to Yahoo News to find out what’s new in the world i.e., things of importance, things that matter to humanity but what is the top news? Scantly Clad, not really clad Britney Spears. Its gets even “better”, most people were concerned that she looked fat and un-hot (I know that’s not a work, Ok!). First of all why should one be concerned with Britney’s next move or how fat or how thin she looks and secondly can we please get a break from raunchville on television. Consider the following excerpt from a news story.

Stripping down to just her smalls, Britney performed a raunchy dance routine and lip-synched to her new song with a team of back-up dancers that ended in a mock-orgy.

A mock what? Did I read that correctly? There you have it people, apparently this is the most important story in the world these days, a mock orgy. It says something about the media doesn’t it. Or may be it also says something about ourselves, as a people!


TFL says:

its just amazing the amount of attention ppl like britney and paris get, when they dont deserve a moments’ worth.

Aliana says:

These so called celebs are just means to divert peopple’s attention from more pressing issues. 😦

monkey says:

Hmm, I watched the performance and I didn’t think it ended in a “mock orgy”-more like her wandering aimlessly about the stage in her skivvies looking like she was on drugs (probably was). Of course there are more important things we should pay attention to (like the dismal state of education in this country, foreign policy etc.) but I think the antics of these individuals function as escapist fare. The same way some people just want a light book once in a while. I guess at this point not wanting to deal with serious societal issues has gone from “escapism” to “totally hiding head in sandism” though. I mean, why did I see 4 articles on the Britney performance on MSNBC? Everyone likes a trainwreck in her underwear.

I haven’t watched MTV for years mainly because it has gotten, *gasp* boring. A hint of sensuality? Is pretty compelling. Aimee Mann isn’t some wild pop princess, nor is she particularly sexy herself, but I felt her music was melodic, melancholy and conveyed a lot of longing. I personally enjoyed a lot of American bands (grew up during grunge, love alternative music etc.) that MTV helped in the past. But I still remember when the women in them wore clothes, no matter how subversive the lyrics or message. The diabolical nature of the whole “sex sex sex SELLS” aesthetic, be it in advertising, music or anything else is that you basically inure people to it (just like people get zoned out on pornography) and then have to go further and further to elicit a reaction. I just feel people are increasingly hardened to its power.

Actually, the latest Mandy Moore video is pretty good and I think she comes off comparatively classy for a pop star.

Wandering comment, good to see you back. I sort of took a hiatus but am setting up shop again.

monkey says:

Incidentally, I just have to say that most of the stuff I see coming out of Bollywood (am not a fan, but will occasionally pass by my mom watching zee tv) seems to be nipping on the heels of western raunch. I guess the disease is spreading.

Ruby says:

There must be a way to escape the Britney and Friends 24/7 nightmare…anybody know any spells?

Aliana says:

Monkey: “gone from “escapism” to “totally hiding head in sandism” though.” I am totally going to use this phrase from now on. It does say a lot about the world that we live in or shall I say, the world that has been woven around us. About MTV, I completely agree. Its the same thing over and over again. Its as if ‘entertainment’ is now being defined in terms of the most basic of human instincts and in the crudest of manners. The rule of the day seems to be why think from your head if you can think from below your waist. About Bollywood, there is a lot of crap coming from there these days I have heard. Raunistan is now rivaling Raunchville.

Good to see you back also.

Ruby, dear I know a few spells but I prefer not to use spells during Ramadhan. lol

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