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{September 18, 2007}   Happy Ramadan: What not to do in Ramadan :)



monkey says:

Happy Ramadan, Aliana 🙂

aMmAr says:

heh. funny

the 3rd sign was funnier 😉

by the way it should be named things we cant do before iftar.

hemaaa says:

thanks for ur Design

tabi says:


my name is tayyab and i craet a islamic web soon pray for me and be conectd on cricket news daily with me

moomo says:

ahahha i likw it

Zabihullah Fatah says:

Happy Ramadan to all muslems , zabihullha from Kabul- Afghanistan

Hamza says:

Essalamo 3alaikom..
I think,,, all things seen in pic available on night of ramadan

osama says:

if you hate ramadan we love it

Manar says:

nice pic ..
thank u ..
ramadan mubarak to all muslims =)

kasia Aisha says:

Ramadan Kareem my muslim family:)

sara says:

Ramadan kareem muy totes 30 setmana mucha dia 1 y 30 gusta buena

Zakriya says:

Nice one . Happy Ramadan to all my muslim brothers and sisters

Very funny – Have a Nice Ramadaan: No eating, no drinking, no using drugs, no smoking, no ice cream & no marital relations.

😀 Thank you for this 🙂 (It really summarizes everything so well) بارك الله فيك

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