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{September 25, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 1

I am really sick and tired of seeing pictures of angry Muslims in the media. While I do agree that there are many Muslims out there who seriously need to take the chill pill or take anger management classes to say the least, it is also true that there are a lot of good Muslims out there who are genuinely happy and who love to laugh, smile and find happiness in helping others. So for at least for the duration of Ramadan I will be posting pictures of Muslim who are smiling or at least look cool. So here is a picture for day 1.

Jordanian boys smile as they receive a donated fast breaking meal at Takeyat Um Ali, a humanitarian service center which provides food for poor families, Amman, Jordan, Monday, Sept. 24, 2007. The center provides more than 3500 meals every day during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. (AP Photo/Nader Daoud)


Shahrzad says:

It is really true that there are not many fotos of muslims who be smiling.. Always media wants to show muslims as sad trouble people who always seek war..

TFL says:

tht is one generalization i havent come across yet. when will they take the blind fold off and notice that muslims are not all angry, depressed people with suicidal tendencies?! sheehsh!
if there is anything that has lost all credibility, its the media be it print or televised.

Aliana says:

Shahrzad: And that is why I think one should try to be as pleasant as possible. Its not always easy but one can try.

TFL: Yes indeed, we can’t trust the TV anymore :\

zios says:

First, I think media loves to exploit misery & negativity and make some cash out of it. Second, many of us are afraid to express their emotions. When we are self centered we just think of ourselves and don’t care how we come across to others who look at us. To smile is a like a charity…that starts a chain reactions of positivity..and its a nice way to Thanks Allah for the blessings.:-)

bashar says:

Hi … I dont know how i came across to your blog, I think it is really nice, and i do agree with the media part,… however, I dont personaly think that muslims in general should take anger management classes 🙂 ….. some do … but not the majority …


Aliana says:

zios, “smile is a charity.” I like that. I should make it my motto. 🙂

bashar, welcome to the blog. Yes I was referring to only a few and not the majority.

I really love the thought you put behind this series of Muslims smiling, you’re so right, it is such a great, positive change that you’ve gone out to do, to give people another side of the coin. Really admire you for that 🙂

Aliana says:

Thank you Unique Muslimah. We do need some positive press coverage. Speaking of which I am running out of such pics, Help!!!

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