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{September 26, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 2

Day 2 and here is Queen Rania.

Jordan’s Queen Rania (L) holds a baby during a visit to city of Sweileh during the Holy Month of Ramadan September 23, 2007. REUTERS/Naser Ayoub (JORDAN)


Shahrzad says:

It was beautiful fotos.. I loved to travel to Jordan someday.. Of course if US doesnt make war against Iran lool

P.S:It is circle of muslim unity

Come and Join..

And if you can link to it to inform others..

Aliana says:

Yes, its a nice country and good place to visit. I would love to visit Petra one day.

zios says:

Nice photo…Queen Rania hasn changed in last ten years :-).
Been to Jordon once but very very short..could not go to the places so collected the cards and coins :-P. Last year canceled at the last minute but InshAllah oneday.

Milla says:

I would love to visit Jordan one day, and especialy Petra, the holy places and the sea resorts. I hope it is not dangerous over there. Here, in USA many people think so. I used to leave in Egypt before, so I have some clue how the poor part of the country looks like. But Iam sure it is nice place to visit.

Aliana says:

zios, Milla, I would also love to visit that place some day.

Omar says:

Nice shot, and a nice blog as well.

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