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{September 27, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 3

Here is the third Muslim to (soon) go into space.


R-L: Members of the main international space crew, Malaysia’s first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, American Peggy Whitson and Yury Malenchenko of Russia shake hands after a news conference in Star City outside Moscow. Shukor said on Thursday he hoped to fast aboard the International Space Station as he visits there in the holy month of Ramadan.(AFP/Maxim Marmur)


Manas says:

This is for the first time I saw his photo. Thanks. I think there was quite a hoolaboo about finding the Quibla in space.

Aliana says:

Welcome to the blog Manas, yeah some people have this habit of making a hoolaboo out of everything but in due course of time this Muslim space travel thing will be routine stuff insha’Allah

Manas says:

Hope they’ll travel with their own vehicle, the best of their time; and not in a borrowed spacecraft.

Aliana says:

Manas, one day insha’Allah they will.

Manas says:


We have to work. Allah does not change the state of a people unless they try themselves.

Suleiman Afghan says:

Dear I don’t know who are the rest 2 of your list of Muslims in Space, but if you didn’t know about it, I wish this would be helpfull for you:

1- The first muslim in space was Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia – 1985

2- The second muslim in space was Abdul Ahad Mohmand of Afghanistan (which most people will be amazed of but it is the truth) – 1988

and then comes the latter on ones….

Aliana says:

Suleiman Afghan, Thank you very much for correcting me. I looked up this info. You are correct about Abdul Ahad Mohmand. Thanks again.

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