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{October 2, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims – Day 7

 Lo and behol, on day 7 I bring you Thai Muslim children who are really happy and smiling in this picture. Also consider this your dose of cuteness for the day.


Image source:


Sumera says:

Cute indeed! and cheeky 😉

chaoticstarlite says:

absolutely love your blog.

the kids are adorable, MA.

Ruby says:

Totally cute!

Aliana says:

They are the cutest little people aren’t they. 🙂

Why we do not open a free marriage website only for Muslims like Tahiland, Phill, Indonasia, Combdia, Vietnam and other parts of Asia(Sorry for Pakistani cos. to farrad).
Many of us Muslims from Europe want to marry with Thai Muslims.
Please just be together and help eachother.
Awaiting for respons.
Take care
With best Wishes.
A good friend

Aliana says:

wa’alaikum’as’salam, Ammm, awkward

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