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{October 6, 2007}   Day 8: Happy Smiling Muslims

Anousheh Ansari is the first Muslim women in space.


[…] wrote an interesting post today on Day 8: Happy Smiling MuslimsHere’s a quick […]

Maryam says:

Really, I dint knew this.

Pleased to know so………… 🙂

Isheeta says:

sorry… Was??

Aliana says:

Maryam, yes indeed.
Isheeta you are correct. Just fixed the problem. Thanks for catching it.

Shahrzad says:

Awww, Anoush is Iranian. I like her courage. 🙂

Aliana says:

Oh yeah, you correct, She is Iranian. There is something about Iranian women han? Hey I am 1/32 Irani also. 🙂

HASSAN' says:

Very good. Thats America who appreciate every deserved person.

Aliana says:

Hasan, yes indeed and that she had $20 million also helped. :p

rivai says:

nice to know u, and i hope will be another Anousheh Ansari which go to space

Aliana says:

rivai, Ameen to that 🙂

ghasem says:

But what is the use of going to space ? then who washes the husband’s clothes and who cooks our food?

mostafa says:

very good.perfect

Fahaad says:

Yes It is good see a muslim women, who is glittering in this Black World…its very proud for the Nation.

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