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{October 7, 2007}   Happy Smiling Muslims: Aliana Needs Your Help!

Well you must be thinking that Aliana had been complaining that there are not many pictures of smiling Muslims out there in the media and yet day after day she had been putting such pictures on the web. Well guess what I have run out of such pictures and now I need your help in posting such pictures. So please if you know of any such pictures in the media then please either forward them to me to post them on your blog and I would love to link to your posts.

p.s: Aliana’s e-mail: alianamirza [hehe] gmail [haha] com

Replace, hehe and haha with a dots. πŸ˜›


cool I love the idea what a cool blog u have here πŸ˜€
I’ll keep on visiting πŸ™‚

Shahrzad says:

(3 muslimahs smiling)

This and are good sites to find more smiling muslims πŸ˜‰

Dreamlife says:


“The main thrust of Muslim-A-Day is simply to show the multiple facets of Muslims lives. The best ideas always seem to be the simplest ones, don’t they? Here we are, you and I, presented each day with images of Muslims as the enemy… the veiled, bearded, mysterious enemy that worships a God named Allah.

That’s where Muslim-A-Day enters. Muslim-A-Day aims to provide you with a photograph of a Muslim everyday. Here, you’ll find Muslims in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have piercings, some wear the veil, some are clean shaven, some are even Malaysian (Imagine that!). They all believe in Al-lah. Literal translation? The [One] God.

When the opportunities presented themselves, I captured the faces that touched me. I love to witness the reflection of the Divine in all that I experience; I love to make you a witness by posting these photos.

And many thanks to all of the contributors, past present and future. Those of you all over the world who join me in debunking the myth of a Muslim Monolith.”

aMmAr says:

my gang of friends are very happy Muslims πŸ˜€

can I mail our pix to ya πŸ˜‰

Anjum says:

I came to comment with Muslim a Day’s link but it’s already been provided πŸ™‚

Aliana says:

Thank you everyone.

Lalla Mone, welcome to the blog and thanks for the links. I really appreciate it.

Shahrzad, thanks for the links also. Getty and viewimages have copyrighted images so I can’t post those but thanks for sending the links anyway. πŸ™‚

Dreamlife: That is very cool and a very interesting idea. I was not aware of the website. I will definitely check it out.

aMmAr, I knew that someone was going to say that. It depends how happy they are and that you have their permission to post the picture. πŸ™‚

Anjum, no prob, its the thought that counts.

liya101 says:

I love the idea and the ones you’ve had so far. I’ll look to see what I can find πŸ™‚

HASSAN' says:

nice way to write email add.

Aliana says:

liya101, Thanks. I will be waiting for your suggestions. πŸ™‚

Hassan, Just trying to be artistic.

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