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{October 7, 2007}   Islam in China

A sinophile friend of mine has started the Islam in China blog so naturally he turned towards me to advertise. The kid is new to the blogsphere so I would recommend everyone to stop by Wang’s blog and say hi or salam or whatever. Here ya go:

Islam and China is something that people often do not associate together. Accoridng to my friend, Muslims have been for like a long time.

P.S: Anyway brother I have posted the link. Just do not forget me when you become famous and all.


zios says:

True, generally people do not associate Islam and China together though Islam spread at that part of the world in mid 7th century. It is very interesting to see how the Islamic ( and Arabic ) culture blended so well. The first mosque dates back to 7th century. Few years ago I was surprised to know that there are over 25000 mosques in China.

Assalamu’Alaykum ALiana,
Buddhism and even Hinduism are often associated with the Chinese population. In countries where the Chinese exist as a minority, it is even stranger for the other cultures (especialy those who are Muslim) to learn that there are Chinese Muslims living in China. In fact, many non-Muslim Chinese minorities are equally surprised. lol.

If I am not mistaken, Islam first came to Asia through China. The Arab merchants had successfully began trading in China, bringing along their Islamic values and soon the religion spread to the locals. Masha’Allah.
If I am not mistaken, Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW)companion, Sa’ad bin Waqqas, was the man who was fundamentally responsible for reverting many local Chinese. I think he was one of the potent traders who presented himself in the Indo-China region. If I am not mistaken. I am sure you can read it up some where. This I heard from an Ustaz who was studying Chinese cultural values with the advent of Islam. Interesting topic though.

At the same time, many Muslims believe that Buddha was a Muslim, and at that also a nabi (messenger). My mum is Chinese and formally a Buddhist, see, so when she tells me about Buddhist beliefs, I find that they are similar to Islamic beliefs but slightly distorted. I could go into a whole new post here, so I’ll leave it at that.

Nice blog though.

Salam Ramadhan (whatever is left of it).

I better visit your firend’s blog while I am at.

leila says:

salam said in ur friend’s blog:) thanks for the info, very nice place

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