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{October 9, 2007}   Staircase Storage Genius


This is just great. Each step in the staircase as a drawer. You know, I wish I had something like this in my apartment so that I could be better organized.  Woman (I don’t like to say man ‘cuz that’s just so one sided) why did I not think of this!


womaaaaaaaaaan I so need this 😛

Haleem says:

this is superb!

Sumera says:

Hmm I dont think I’d like my stairs being used for storage

Ruby says:

THAT IS SHEER BRILLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have it!

monkey says:

I totally want one of those.

liya101 says:

OMG I want that!

aMmAr says:

i dont know about you but i like my stuff on the floor 😀

most men do 😛

Aliana says:

To everyone, I think I should get some commission should any of you decides to buy one of these. :p

aMaAr, and that is why I say that men are weird. :p

HASSAN' says:

don’t agree with Ammar. This is the thing I love to have in my house

Aliana says:

Hasan, well then now you know how you ar going to remodel your house. 🙂

alona says:


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