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{October 11, 2007}   Day 9: Happy Smiling Muslims


Here is an absolutly adorable, super cute picture of Muslims in a Brazilian Mosque. The kids are just tooooo adorable woman!

Image Source: Deviant Art

Thank you Lalla Mona for the pointers. 🙂


HASSAN' says:

Wow. didn’t know that Brazil also have Muslims.

leila says:

awesomeeee:) i just LUV the photos u r posting here, girl!! 🙂

Aliana says:

Hasan, welcome to the blog. Yes we are everywhere :p

leila, thanks.:)

talha says:

Masa allah have got soo much noor on face, alhamdulillah

navcity says:

mashallah. I didnt realise they had muslims in Brazil?! Catholic countries are generally very strict about not allowing mosques to be built. I recently went to Granada in Spain and was told that it took 20 years for a mosque to be built there!

Aliana says:

talha, yes indeed. This is one of my favorite pictures.

navcity, Muslims – they are everywhere lol.

jamil says:

alhamdulillah, let there be light where there is ISLAM, let there be peace where there is ISLAM. this is the true expression of ALLAH’s will. keep it up sis.

Assalamu Alaikum to muslims…Peace to all…

Yes theres about 1 million of uslims in Brazil. Im one. Im a convert to Islam since 2004. The majority of local community is formed by lebanese people, maybe it ruins about (95-98%) of the muslims here. Converts are a new fact and the numbers are growing. But we still dont have a dawah organized work roling here. This puicture is from the Abu Bakr As Sidiq massjid at São Paulo city. Salam !!!!

Moamer says:

Hey, can I please use ur pic on a youtube video on islam?

Aliana says:

jamil, Ameeen!

wa’alaikum’as’salam brother Abu Bakr, Welcome and its pretty cool to see a Brazilian Muslim here.

Moamer, Sorry for the late reply but go ahead!

massari abdelkhaleq says:

lady and gentellmen,

i come with this email so as to ask all muslims in over the world to give to my familiy a human help please would you present to us this help,this my email,please whenn you will contact me i’ll relate my history!
accept all my best wisches

Aisha says:

Mashallah, Im muslim revert from Brazil too, this pic is so beautiful =)

Haya Laah

This is the problem with muslims, learn the history of muslims in Brazil they were black african quote that.

These other muslims came recently and am not going to give them the satisfaction of saying their name frankly!

Wa rabul kabul I dont take this swear lightly, brazil is a very racist country if you a brazilian and you dont know this then you you just a fool.

A place where the lighter you are the better opportunity and of course vice versa.
Inshallah I hope things change for my black brothers and sisters BLACK christian or BLACK muslim same thing I love my peope.




tmosprmo says:

thank you, wonderful picture

Anas Kalandar says:

It is really nice to find the photo of masjid where I grew up with Sheikh Khalil al Saifi surrounded with all these muslim children. I live the street under the masjid, and you got to believe me when I say, children are there playing all the 5 prayer times. I hope you can come and visit.

Zafar Equbal says:

Assalam w alaikum,
I m from India, Persuing Mah E Ramzaan today is our 5th Roza and I m very happy to do it. Reply me
I m worry about know the cultures of other Muslims family.
Allah Hafiz

Mustafa says:

Salaams all, someone please tell me, where in Brazil is this Mosque?

Anas Kalandar says:

Salam Mustafa

This masjid is located in the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo in the state of Sao Paulo.
If you need more info i would be glad to help you.

Have a nice week

omar says:

Salamo Alaikom, Inna lellah w enna alaihi raje3oun. sheikh Khalil Al Saifi passed away today 20 – Feb – 2010 in Lebanon. May God grant him a place in his paradise. Allah yer7amo

danah says:

grandpa you is very much needed in this world my dear grandpa

iftikhar says:

Allah keeps you peoples always on faith and happy to all my Brazilan friends. IFFY

Normah Sayuti says:

mr.abu bakar al-faraj,can you give me your email address?

rifatha says:

Allhamdhulillah says:

subhanallah what a wonderfull,i love islam

ibrahim says:

alhadulillah may allah bless all muslim around the world

mashah allah it is very beautiful to see muslims in brazil

shafie says:

What part of brazil is this

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