Art is the proper task of life

{April 29, 2008}   This is what he is

I have wondered what he is? how is he?
He aspired to be a disciple of Rumi
A hundred thousand flaws restrained him
The broken sage fell in love with Galatea



navcity says:

restained or restrained?

I love the metaphors. The “milk white” one, milk being noor and the one with noor in his heart…I’m just rambling.

Aliana says:

Thanks for catching the typo. I love metaphors too. Previously he was broken, he is now shattered into a million pieces.

navcity says:

I really love reading your posts but it seems a lot of them are over when I’ve only just wet my appetite. It would be great to get more of an insight into what Aliana thinks even if it happens to be ‘stream of consciousness’ type writing stuff.

You’re obviously very intelligent, witty and articulate but it seems you’re shy about giving a bit too much away.



hakkawi says:

Beautiful poem straight from heart
when i can meet such traveler
shattered pieces of love unseen
will you ride the horse to
pick up a companion fighter
finding the way to rumi’s konya
of light, freedom and discovery ?

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