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{June 16, 2007}   Foldable Portable Lota

For anyone looking for a lucrative and unexplored market here is a bright idea – a foldable portable lota. Also all the venture capitalists people out there, here is your chance to make millions. The islamosphere attests to the feasibility of this product.


{June 15, 2007}   Blog Search

This was of course bound to happen, people searching for perverted weird stuff ending up on my blog. It just shows what people are searching now a days. What is wrong with people these days? Here are a few examples.

  • Chinese sex
  • Desi Marriage
  • woman say salam
  • Desi anty
  • Paris sexy

And Here is my favorite.

James Bond imperialist colonialist chauvanist

And how can there be not the ‘mandatory’ stalkers searching for Aliana Mirza. Come on people show yourself. I promise I won’t reverse search you. lol

P.S: These are not even half as interesting as the one’s that Ruby is getting.

{June 8, 2007}   Hijabs and all that

I saw this picture at Akram’s Razor and although it shows hijabis on the Syrian street, one does see all of these different kinds of hijabs in the US too.

{April 30, 2007}   Orange’d

Gently peeling the skin of the citrine fruit, the anticipation melts away.

Spring is always near.

But am I afraid?

I was saving this little tit-bit for a future post but Maryam’s recent comments prompted me to post this today. Well Maryam its not all smooth sailing for me either, see what I have to endure every day. :p

Me: Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo …
Mom: He was here ten minutes ago.
Me: Why did he leaveth? Tell me O noble and wise old lady?
Mom (Gives me who are you calling old look): He did not have any choice. He was cornered?
Me: Who would doeth such an ignoble deed? Tell me O noble and fair maiden?
Mom: It was Xena, the warrior princess. Romeo was badly beaten and then cast into the dungeon by the merciless amazonian.
Me (Giggling): Surely O miss, he must haveth doneth some wrongful perfidious deed? Why would haveth a noble amazonian taketh such a drastic step?
Mom: Yeah, he mentioned something about a traditional wife.
Me: Then her acts were justified. Who would this noble, blue-blooded, brave and exalted amazonian be?
Mom: They call her Aliana and she hunts such men.
Me: Haha, die heretic die!
Mom: Aliana! Grow up.
Me (Innocent look): What? What did I say mom?
Mom: One of these day you will have to get married.
Me: Mom, you sound more desi than desis sometimes.

{February 2, 2007}   Philosophy Jokes

I got the idea of posting Philosophy Jokes from a post by Khonika. I was previously apprehensive about posting this since I thought that not many people will find this funny but here it goes. I snatched these from so many sources that I don’t even remember from where I got these but enjoy.

The First Law of Philosophy
For every philosopher, there exists an equal and opposite philosopher.

The Second Law of Philosophy
They’re both wrong.

For us Philosophy PhDs

Question: What is a recent philosophy PhD’s usual question in his or her first job?
Answer: “Would you like french fries with that, sir?”

That famous saying
Seen on a restroom wall: “God is dead: Nietzsche. Nietzsche is dead: God.”

Q & A

Q: Is this a question?
A: If this is an answer!


Don’t LOOK at anything in a physics lab.
Don’t TASTE anything in a chemistry lab.
Don’t SMELL anything in a biology lab.
Don’t TOUCH anything in a medical lab.
and, most importantly,
Don’t LISTEN to anything in a philosophy department.

Philosophy Break up Lines

The Relativist: It’s no one’s fault.
The Kantian: You lied to me!
The Cartesian: I don’t clearly and distinctly perceive a future together.
The Lockean: Our primary qualities simply aren’t compatible.
he Empiricist: I think we should see other people.
The Hard Determinist: It’s not my fault.

{January 22, 2007}   Translation for Non-Mehram Women

To all my Muslim sisters, if you ever wondered why Muslim brothers in the mosques or college campuses do not reply to your salam even though the same people may be seen in not so Islamic situations with our non-Muslim counterparts then here is your answer – an excerpt from a translation book used by our brothers to interpret what we say. They have been using it for many years, but now for the glorious make benefit of my sisters I was able to steal obtain a copy. A lot of things should make sense now.

When a non-mehram Muslima says,


it should be taken to mean

I think you are hot.

When a non-mehram Muslima akss,

How are you?

it should be taken to mean

Do you want to hook up?

When a non-mehram Muslima asks,

Brother have you taken the class on Calculus Partial Derivatives?

it should be taken to mean

I am going to seduce you.

When a non-mehram Muslima asks,

What is the prayer time for Jumah?

it should be taken to mean

How about a date, right after Jumah?

So sisters, next time you see a brother being mean to you while being all hunky dory with a non-Muslim woman then remember the above translations. Its not their fault. They are just made like that.

et cetera