Art is the proper task of life

{February 22, 2008}   Aliana at Crossroads

I was out of the blogsphere for a long time. I am not really sure why. I was asking myself what am I good at? Perhaps telling stories? Perhaps making up stories? At times it feels that even my whole life is made up. Does that even make a difference? In my post-modern meditations I was thinking, “Is it that the content of the things that I say matter or does it matter who I am?” I do not have a clear answer. Just like many other unresolved dilemmas in life perhaps it is best to also leave this dilemma unresolved. I thought about quiting blogging numerous times because I realized that I had lost focused. I did not know what I was doing but now I am back. I have decided to write a series of short stories for this blog.


{December 20, 2007}   Eid Mubarak and …

Just when you thought Aliana had disappeared, well Eid Mubarak. Not sure if I will come back.. Lot of things going on in Aliana’s life. Remember me in your duas. Currently in vacation in N Y C.

{October 16, 2007}   Vacation

I will be bunking classes vacationing for the next ten days or so. i may not get a chance to post much, just occasional replies if at all.

{October 7, 2007}   Islam in China

A sinophile friend of mine has started the Islam in China blog so naturally he turned towards me to advertise. The kid is new to the blogsphere so I would recommend everyone to stop by Wang’s blog and say hi or salam or whatever. Here ya go:

Islam and China is something that people often do not associate together. Accoridng to my friend, Muslims have been for like a long time.

P.S: Anyway brother I have posted the link. Just do not forget me when you become famous and all.

Well you must be thinking that Aliana had been complaining that there are not many pictures of smiling Muslims out there in the media and yet day after day she had been putting such pictures on the web. Well guess what I have run out of such pictures and now I need your help in posting such pictures. So please if you know of any such pictures in the media then please either forward them to me to post them on your blog and I would love to link to your posts.

p.s: Aliana’s e-mail: alianamirza [hehe] gmail [haha] com

Replace, hehe and haha with a dots. 😛

{September 6, 2007}   End of Summer, Beginning of Fall

Ok so SS was correct, summer is pretty repulsive in terms of blogging. Now I am back to school and all of a sudden I have this real urge to blog. I had also been looking at the previous posts in the blog and I must admit sometimes I do sound a little Sienfieldesque and lose sight of the purpose of the blog. So now I pledge and promise myself that I will be true to myself and don’t let school get in my way. I want to read something light because in the not so distant future I may have to read Hannah Ardent’s Banality of Evil which I know beforehand that it will make me sad.

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