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{October 9, 2007}   Staircase Storage Genius


This is just great. Each step in the staircase as a drawer. You know, I wish I had something like this in my apartment so that I could be better organized.  Woman (I don’t like to say man ‘cuz that’s just so one sided) why did I not think of this!


{September 13, 2007}   Happy Ramadan Y’all


Back in the days I would have said Ramadan Kareem thou but after hanging out with my new Southern friends for a couple of weeks I feel like saying Happy Ramadan Y’all.

(Image Source: The only thing that I can say for certain is that I did not create it myself so please don’t send me your calligraphy requests y’all. =]  I found it somewhere on the net.)

{September 7, 2007}   Muslim Tees


A new discovery at ISNA (its Islamic Society of North America and not I am Single ‘N Available, mind it!) – Muslim Tees. Their designs are just awesome. Previously they had tees for only brothers but now they have rectified their ‘mistake.’ (Don’t forget that sisters are an important part of the economic demographic, perhaps even more important than the brothers!) Anyways the designs are pretty cool so I highly recommend it. So here is their website:

I was saving this little tit-bit for a future post but Maryam’s recent comments prompted me to post this today. Well Maryam its not all smooth sailing for me either, see what I have to endure every day. :p

Me: Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo …
Mom: He was here ten minutes ago.
Me: Why did he leaveth? Tell me O noble and wise old lady?
Mom (Gives me who are you calling old look): He did not have any choice. He was cornered?
Me: Who would doeth such an ignoble deed? Tell me O noble and fair maiden?
Mom: It was Xena, the warrior princess. Romeo was badly beaten and then cast into the dungeon by the merciless amazonian.
Me (Giggling): Surely O miss, he must haveth doneth some wrongful perfidious deed? Why would haveth a noble amazonian taketh such a drastic step?
Mom: Yeah, he mentioned something about a traditional wife.
Me: Then her acts were justified. Who would this noble, blue-blooded, brave and exalted amazonian be?
Mom: They call her Aliana and she hunts such men.
Me: Haha, die heretic die!
Mom: Aliana! Grow up.
Me (Innocent look): What? What did I say mom?
Mom: One of these day you will have to get married.
Me: Mom, you sound more desi than desis sometimes.

{February 19, 2007}   Bachelor Number Two

You know there are some prospects that I do NOT want to meet, especially the ones that I have come across in the real world and I know that we are poles apart in our worldview but this auntie did not take the hint and wanted me to see this really good Muslim guy at least once. My mom being the nicest lady in the world did not want to say no and told me that all that I had to do was to meet this guy once and just say no. Ok fine, whatever but this was not just any other guy, this was the uber-mullah of the neighboring campus so he was not technically in my school but I had seen him. To his credit he was not into partying or the whole girlfriend thing, so he was clean in this respect but he was one of those types who did not even return your salams and thought that women cannot become the president of MSA or that sisters should be segregated for their own good etc. He had even said something to the effect that almost all women are potential temptresses. He had some not so nice words for non-hijabi sisters. I could not let go a good opportunity to get even on the behalf of all the sisters with whom this guy had been mean. The following conversation may seem a bit cruel but believe me I had seen the guy sad thing to good, innocent, hijabi sisters

So I go delibrately go home on Saturday that weekend instead of Friday so that mom can’t cancel the meeting. Dad was in England or something that time so it was perfect. I come home and then mom is like, “What have you done to my daughter? Aliana why have you dyed your hair blue!” I casually replied, “Relax mom, its not like as if its permanent.” She goes, “But what about your prospect?” “Well you know I was going to say no anyway so why not make him say no as well.”
Mom didn’t really like the idea but she let him have my way.

So the guy shows up expecting a modest hijabi gal but meets the Amazonian Matriarch known as Aliana. The first shock is of course the hair and I got blue contacts just for the occasion. 🙂 And I am also dressed in all red. He is skeptical but starts the conversation regarding how Islam takes care of everything and why we must keep our distance from the non-believers. This is a really bad way to start conversation with me. I go on and tell him all about my good relations with ‘non-believer’ friends and how in many ways they are better than many of the so-called Muslims. Then he tells me how he would like to live in a Muslim country in the Middle East away from Western corruption, to which add, “Cool, I have heard Dubai is the most happening place in the world right now.” That was when he came into the defensive mode and started criticizing the West and how Muslim women have been corrupted and why there should be complete segregation and women not driving makes sense and how I was the emblem was what was wrong with the society, to which I replied, “Well Mr. righteous that would not be that bad I was a guy han? If I was a guy and some white girl fell for me and then after a few months I leave her and get on with my life, that’s fine han? And I do this with many women and that is fine right? I know whose suggestion that was by the way. White women are people like us you know.” By this time he seems to be sick of me and says, “But she was not one of the muslimoon anyway.” Before leaving he tells my mom how Western I am. Whatever. Too bad he was not familiar with Simone de bouvier otherwise I would have thrown her in the conversation.

{February 14, 2007}   Bachelor Number One

Just came back from Texas, the land of milk and honey sunshine. I was reading Isheeta’s latest entry and OMG she sounds like one of my friends in my undergrad years. (She is getting married soon, voohoo!) The world is changing rapidly, in fact in the West so rapidly that the generational gap between immigrants and their parents is exacerbated by this change. So let me narrate an example of Aliana not finding the right one. This may turn out to be a weekly or a biweekly segment, a chance to bash desis (don’t worry sisters, its mostly men. Ok all of them are going to be men, not just mostly.)

So I am visiting my parents during summer and one of the aunties get this bright idea of finding a nice desi boy for me. As always I am reluctant but my mom insists so I am like whatever. So the guy and his family visit, nice people, even the guy is kind of cute but seems to be playing shy. It seems to be going fine. His family was like, yeah he is so Islamic this and so Islamic that. So I talk to him over the phone a number of times, there seems to be something fake about his modesty. Well when in doubt use Facebook! Well Mr. Modestly is doing some grinding with some Latino chicks. I love online social networks. The rest is history as they say. 😉

{January 27, 2007}   Muslim Girl Magazine

Calling all girls: Now we have our very own magazine for Muslim girls (in America). And it was about time that someone came out with a magazine geared towards Muslim girls. Check it out at the following URL:

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