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{September 20, 2007}   Search: Hall of Fame

Here is yet another round of search items that led people to this blog. So here it is with some commentary.

when did women go to college

Well I donno when but it surely has been a while since they have been going.

Non hijabis friends

O, come on I am sure hijabis are just as friendly. You just never gave them a chance!

mistress aliana

Now this is very disturbing you pervert!

muslimtees, muslimtees isna

This has been appearing on the search list quite often. Let me guess marketers at Muslimtees? Anway I still say cool designs. If they were any cooler they would be haram. lol

muslima sexy

Ok, what exactly are you people trying to search here?

so many fake hijabis

I know, I know.

Misogynist bond

Finally someone making sense!

men are selfish pigs poems

O well, they are bad but they are not that bad. At least not all of them!


et cetera