Art is the proper task of life

Reading a poem and the leaving comments on a recent post at Everything Is Eventual reminded me of a time when I was the “official” poetess of my crew, those were the days. I may not be that great in this task but hey every woman is entitled to freedom of expression or at least she should be. Now I am coming back from my poetic retirement and here is Aliana, the perpetuate, the victim, the master and the slave of irony. Enjoy. I was going through my notes and came across a quote by an old acquaintance so I thought this would be a good opportunity to imitate life again. This is for all of my friends who thought that art imitating life could not get weirder. Here is my conversation where we alternate.

Aliana Mirza

Dare I say I missed the alphabets?
But at Zay, why did thee place thy bets?
“Life without prickings is no true life;”
Life sucks, this is the sage’s fife
Nay, self-discovery is what he preaches
Limit of my mind-reading thee breaches


{January 30, 2007}   Sell Your Life on the Internet

I am not really sure what to make of this. Even the person who did this is not sure why he did it, so it won’t be right for me to deconstruct his motives for his actions.

A 24-year-old Australian surfer who sold his life, including baggage from a painful break-up, on eBay says he is still not quite sure why he did it.

Nicael Holt sold his name, phone number and all his possessions, including clothes, CDs, a surfboard, a laptop, a wonky pushbike, childhood photos and a “nice lamp” given to him by an ex-girlfriend, on the internet auction site.

It gets weirder here. Just the fact that his family and friends agreed to participate in this ‘experiment’ makes it all the more interesting (in a weird way of course).

In his sales pitch, Holt said the winner would be entitled to a four-week training course in how to be him — including lessons on how to surf, climb, skateboard, fire twirl and do handstands — as well as two months of on-call support afterward.

He also promised to introduce the winner to all his friends and potential lovers, including eight people he had been flirting with.

I must however say that his actions do raise important questions about the question of identity. None of this really makes sense except one fact which does makes sense i.e., Holt is a Philosophy student.  Don’t worry gals and guys, I won’t do such a thing unless ….. just kidding.

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